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    Headcount Calculation & Turnover

    Stephanie Grosse Kamphake

      Hi all,


      I know that Headcounts/ Turnover has been discussed many times and I have researched and got inspired by the forum. However, I cannot make it 100% work in my setting and would be greateful for help:


      I have the following sample data set, where I have defined Flow ID/ Flow Type and Business Date in Tableau. 

      When I create the visual in Tableau, the Headcounts are not displayed in the correct way (e.g. the hires from 2015 are not displayed), which makes sense because I use the Business Date in the columns, however, if I use Hire date, it also does not show the correct number... do you have a solution and can also advice on the calculation of Turnover?


      Thank you.



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          Hi Stephanie,


          I've been looking over this post and the attached workbook to try and help you out, but I'm not clear on the question. You say "the hires from 2015 are not displayed" but they seem to be displaying fine in the screenshot and workbook. The Business Dates for the 2015 hires are April 1 2017 and September 1 2017, and in the chart there's a red -1 for each of those months' columns.


          Playing around in the workbook, I get the same results when swapping Business Date for Hire Date--the 2015 hires are present, but now they're both lumped under September 2015, as they should:



          Could you update this thread with some more details about the problems you're seeing, and what you're trying to accomplish?