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    Making 'Only Relevant' work with MSA / Zip data that's preaggregated


      I'm working with data that has the  MSA Level data and Zip code data pre-aggregated so tableau is not doing calculations.


      I'd like to be able to enable Only Relevant with the zip code so when you search for a specific MSA, all relevant ZIP codes are there and no others.


      Right now, I have to select 'Null' in zip code to get the MSA level to work because 'All' shows all zip codes.  Keep in mind, summing or averaging the zip codes in this situation not work appropriately due to missing zip codes where MSA level has all data for the MSA.


      I've attached the 10.4 workbook to see what's going on.  Any help is appreciated.


      Use Phoenix as an example in the 'KPI: Median List' tab.  I'm working with tableau public, so will need it in public or the explanation here in the forum.