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    Retain LOD properties when dimension removed

    Jeremy Blaney

      I am trying to figure out how to retain LOD properties when a dimension is removed. Is this even possible???


      Here's my situation...


      Sheet 1
      The final column is a count of the jobs that have a Job % > 15%. It's simply wrapped in a WINDOW_SUM... so each of the 1s (= 1 if > 15%) are added together, giving you a total of 3. This is perfect.

      I need to remove all dimensions so I can have dynamic text, with values drawn from various calc fields: "Of the 6 jobs, 3 have a percentage less than..."


      Sheet 2

      As soon as I remove jobs from the rows shelf, my final column drops down to 1, which makes sense because the calc fields only sees the one row.

      Is there anyway for me to remove jobs from the rows shelf but in a way that I can still return the number three in the final column?


      I played around with total for a bit, but it doesn't exactly work because, again, I need to put this isn't a single text field. I also just can't hide rows because I have lots of data... this is just a small example.