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    Aggregating 2 measures but excluding some values, used LOD but no luck

    Chandra Sekhar

      Hi All,


      I have query regarding calculation. Looking to calculate both sal and comm columns aggregating but excluding few values, if I am calculating sum(sal) + sum(comm))= 8000 but it should not include comm in this scenario. I would like to exclude comm of empid 1001,which should make 4000 not 800 and so do with last field 1004 not calculate comm. I triec to LOD Incude,exclude but luck any insights on this issue please. How can I achieve this

      Emp Id    Name    Job                               Sal      Comm
      1001       Ben      Marketing Manager      4000    4000
      1002      Jones    Sales Rep                    1000    500
      1003      Keith     Sr Sales Rep                2700    0
      1004      Sam     Sales Rep                      1000    2000