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    cool idea for a dashboard ?

    devesh sharma

      I have 3 sheets on a dashboard , that's related to cost . My plan is that If I show on 3 sheets the cost in three different departments and I show the savings done in 4th sheet (on same dashboard) , if we cut the costs in the 3 sheets the savings should be reflected in the 4th sheet which is meant to be a thermometer rising (more cost savings). I need an idea how should I implement it with a parameter or action filters.?




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          Hi Devesh,


          There is nothing to do with Dashboard, Except if you have data is Aggregated.


          For Instance, If your Sheet 1 to 3 has detail View with Different Measure and so forth.

          In the final page, Your giving aggregating Profit or Loss in the Bar or what ever.


          Final sheet is reflect based on your data or You can create a Calculated fields and You can do some maths which ever you want to.


          If you want some specify req, Please share your Idea with Details allong with TWDX file that way, Community Team can able to help you.