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    Auto ticket Creation for Background Job Failures

    Vinod k

      Hello all,


      I have a different scenario at my work.

      Note: I am aware that Tableau 10 has VIZ Alert functionality and owner of datasource/workbook gets notified if there is any failure in extract refresh job.


      We are planning to auto create a ticket(not an email alert) using our ticketing tool when ever a background job failure happen.


      Can someone suggest any ideas on how to implement this?


      Do any one has powershell script for getting extract failure notifications? and can we get status for each job? rather than getting the bulk failure list.

      If so we have control m which does creating ticket automatically whenever we have a failure code.

      this is one of my option and looking for some recommendations





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          Hello Vinod,


          One way to address the issue would be to use a tool to create a 'ticket' based off of the alert email that is already being sent from the task failing. I will continue digging into possible solutions for this scenario.



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Good Question vinod.


            Currently the only way is to look into the extracts jobs on the server admin views .

            2.) I believe we can try to work it out of the postgres repository ,I haven't checked it but will try to do the research from my end.

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              Vinod k

              Hello Patrick,


              Thanks for your reply. I did some research on this and there is something called Connect IT in HPSM for auto creating tickets from emails. But I am not sure how does that work, If it works, I am not sure if my organization adopts that Connect IT.


              I have few questions came into my mind when exploring options. If we custom query postgres or if we download failures from custom admin report, both cases it gets downloaded as bulk (ie; more than a single record). In this case How can we create a ticket for each single failures, if we download\get them as a list.


              I got struck with those questions. If they just need an email alert, we can do that with not much complications.


              We use HPSM for Incidents.


              Any help is greatly Appreciated!




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                Vinod k

                Hello Satish,


                Thanks for your reply. Yes, we can get the status from Postgres. In all cases we can get the failure details as a list (else we need to query each schedule or workbook for each failure, which is not a good option). After getting the list of failures, I am not sure how to auto create ticket for each failure.


                Any help from your side is greatly appreciated!