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    Batch/automatic changing datasources in workbooks

    Tor Helge Huse

      Hi all,


      In our current setup we have a lot of workbooks published to our server connecting to our Netezza server. A lot of the workbooks use published datasources on the Tableau server and it's easy for us to changing these datasources/connections to a new server directly on Tableau server. Now, the problem is we're going to move our data to a new Netezza server, which means changing IP. Too many of our published workbooks use datasources that are not published on the Tableau server, i.e. they connect directly to databases and tables on the old Netezza server. And they are using IP and not DNS name as "server".


      My goal is to find a way to automatically/in batch to replace the IP address for all these "embedded" datasources with the correct DNS name for the Netezza server so that when the new server comes online and IT changes the DNS to point to it, everything on the Tableau side will just work (fingers crossed).


      I started looking into changing the Tableau server database, but I've realized I need to make changes to the xml-files/pg large objects for this to be feasible. I don't have access to a *nix machine, otherwise I would use Tamas Foldis https://github.com/tfoldi/fuse-tableaufs


      I guess one way of doing this is using tabcmd to download all workbooks, do some regexp replace on the xml, and then replace. But as far as I've understood there is problems with tabcmd and workbooks with several datasources/embedded credentials (which we use a lot). And how would I go about making sure that the current owner of the workbook is still owner after uploading with tabcmd?


      Any ideas and recommendations are highly appreciated.


      Best regards,

      Tor Helge Huse