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    publish a dashboard(view) to already published workbook on server

    anil saini

      Hi All,


      I have 3 dashboard in a workbook(named as performance) using the data source which is already published on server,

      during the development process i publish 2 of them to server so that till the time my user will test it, i will be ready with the third one.


      now what happen is that my 3rd dashboard require some modification in some calculated fields.

      and now my 3rd dashboard is also created...



      now the thing is my calculated filed named as Cal1 which is count(quantity) is initially being used by dashboard 1 and 2 but for dashboard 3 it changed to avg(quantity) .


      so i have a question,:-


      while publishing if i publish all 3 again....i don't want my dashboard1 and dashboard2 will use the new modified calculation(cal1) because it will give me incorrect output

      so is there any way of publishing a single view(dashboard 3) to a particular workbook(performance)?