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    Running Sum Filter


      Hi All,



      I needed to filter running sum calculated field and using this below article I am able to do that


      Filtering the View Without Filtering Underlying Data | Tableau Software Using this article.



      Now problem is the Date lookup Filter which I am using I am unable to apply to multiple worksheets and I need to show date lookup filter  filter for only 3-4 dates selected and filter should preserve running sum calculations.



      Now for 3 sheets in below workbook 3 date lookup filters are coming but I need single date lookup filter which can filter all 3 sheets

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          Joe Oppelt

          The date lookup filter is a table calc.

          Table calcs are only applicable within the sheet where it is being used.  Table calcs are based on the underlying table of the sheet in question.


          You can see why this is the case in your own workbook.  The applicable values for [date] differ from sheet to sheet because the underlying table for each sheet contains different data.


          You'll have to approach this visualization differently.


          What are you really trying to achieve here?

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            Hi Joe,



            Actually i have 2-3 sheets which consist of runningsum TC used and requirement is to filter those running sum with date filter(3-4 dates chosen) .




            if i have 2 sheets

            city : New york

              Dept  runningsum

            HR         1

            SALES  4

            FINANCE   7



            city : California

            Dept  runningsum

            HR         1

            SALES  4

            FINANCE   7



            Now i want to filter by dec 2017 and dec 2018



            while preserving running sum values



            so i am not able to use one date filter to filter 2 sheets