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    Highlight Two Lines With One Click

    Robert Janezic



      Anyone have an idea of how I would be able to click one button and highlight both lines with the information. This is what it looks like when I click one color legend



      Thanks ahead of time

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          haitham Farouk

          Hi Ropert,


          you can accomplish that by group the two mark category into one category then highlight on it ...


          As I do not know your data let me describe it with super store data for example when click one mark 2 category selected ...


          1- let us create the following calc field


          [Category Group]

          if [Product Category] = 'Furniture' then 'G1'

          else 'G2'



          2- Then I create two sheets

          the first contain the category group as selector and the second contain sales colored by product category then display both in the dashboard like the below picture:



          3- create highlight action that allow the highlighting from first two second sheet by selecting the group


          as you can see I select the mark G2 and the red and blue lines are highlighted in the same time ...



          Here is also the VIZ you can download it ...


          Tableau Public



          Best Regards

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            Simon Runc

            hi Robert,


            So here's one way...


            First I created a dummy dimension with the value '1'...I've called this (imaginatively!) [1One]


            I bring this field into the detail pane of my viz....



            I then set up the "control" sheet...like so (also with [1One] in the detail)



            i bring these both into a dashboard (along with the legend), and set up the following highlight action



            and now if I click on the control both are highlighted and the values show, or for the legend just a single year.


            Hope that helps