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    Tableau Desktop Forum?

    Pedram Mobedi

      Sorry if my post is irrelevant in this forum.

      But I'm looking for an active community in which I can place my Tableau Desktop related questions.

      I currently post my questions on Stack Overflow but the response time is quite long.


      Appreciate any help.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Pedram,


          You've certainly come to the right place for Tableau questions...The Tableau Community Forums are one of the best things about Tableau. There are lots of helpful people, who are real experts, with most questions getting a response in a day or 2 (although we are all volunteers, so there is no SLA commitment!!)


          Although you've come to the right place (in terms of the community) this is the Server and Admin space, for desktop you can just ask a question in the main forum




          and here's a quick intro to the forums and some advice on the bet way to post a question...


          Tableau Forum Guidelines

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            Pedram Mobedi

            Hi Simon,

            Thank you for the reply.

            I will post my questions on the forum you mentioned then.