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    Feedback for my first Analysis on Tableau

    Karthik Pandy

      Hi All,


      I created my Tableau Analysis Story, please take a look and provide some feedback for improving.





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          Jim Dehner


          Good effort

          you had me hooked when I saw it was based on the Titanic - Interesting to see how the survival rate varied across the passenger profile


          couple of suggestions -

          it felt like a couple of the charts were redundant - or could be combined into a single chart -

          the difference in the data filtered with the menu on the first page was not impactful - the point was better made on the second set of charts

          also I was left wondering if there was other data about the survivor list that ould have added depth to the presentation - like their nationality, home city/country, reason for travel - also what about the crew?


          If you had their home city for example incorporating mapping that may have included the day to day travel of the ship could be interesting -


          Just some thoughts