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    Filter on Two differents dates


      Dear All ,

      I have in my data source (attached)

      I want to display in table the follwing  Country, approvedAmount, SignedAmount and have for filter a year to display for the current year the


             My problem is that I need a filter year (from (1976 to 2017) that will help me display data based on the selected year. when I try to use approval year as filter it gives me the correct answer for amount approved (approved year ) by not for signed amount and vice versa.

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          Galen Busch

          Hi Koffi,


          In this instance, I would recommend using 2 date parameters.


          One parameter is your start date, one is your end date. Frequently for me, this is the correct solution.


          Create a calculation ([Date field 1] AND [Date field 2] >= [Date Parameter 1]) AND ([Date field 1] AND [Date field 2] <= [Date Parameter 2])

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            Ivan Young

            If you are only analyzing one year at a time a single parameter would probably do the trick.


            You could create new measures based on the parameter.


            Signed Amt:  if [date parameter] = [signature year] then [net signed amount]

            Approved Amt: if [date parameter] = [approved year] then [approved amount]