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    Create a custom-triggered extract refresh schedule?

    Andrew Clapson

      Hey everyone,


      I'm looking for a way to solve the following problem: the majority of the data work at my company is based on our data warehouse (DW), which is refreshed every night/morning, with the jobs ending usually around 7am.


      We've put our heads together and are using Powershell + tabcmd to kick off an extract refresh only when the DW has finished its daily run and has the previous day's data ready to go - this is working fine, except that we have it set up to refresh worksheets by name, which means we frequently have to modify the list.


      Is there a way to create a Refresh Schedule that is based on a trigger like this?

      Ideally it would be a "start refresh on custom event" sort of thing...like I could define a special schedule in tabcmd, and then assign my worksheets with Server to use this new refresh 'schedule'.


      Has anyone figured out something similar?