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    Unable to Publish Workbook to Tableau Server

    James Redpath

      Hi Tableau Community,


      We're experiencing an issue preventing the publishing of any workbooks to our newly migrated Tableau Server and hoping that someone may have experienced this or can point us in the right direction.

      Tableau Server 10.3 was previously installed on a Windows Server 2012 VM and we were able to publish workbooks without any issues. Once we installed the new Windows Server 2016 VM and deactivated the old server, we're now unable to publish any workbooks.


      At first, we upgraded both Tableau Server and Desktop to version 10.4, but when we ran into issues (see attached screenshots and issue description below) we reverted both back to version 10.3.


      Issue description:


      When clicking on Server > Publish Workbook, we're prompted with the Tableau Server login page (http://bi:8000 in this example) and once the user authenticates, the web browser frame loads the default Project view on the server and we're unable to proceed any further. If we close the window and try to login in again, we're immediately kicked back to the login page with a Session Expired message. The only way to unlock the session is deleting the user account from the server portal and logging in again. Even if the user doesn't have Publish permissions, the same behaviour is consistent.


      Tableau Desktop 10.3.0 (10300.17.0515.2100) 64-bit running on Windows 10

      Tableau Server 10.3 64-bit running on Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine - (8 core CPU and 32GB RAM)

      Microsoft SQL Server data source (tried with other data sources and the issue remains)


      Any help would be much appreciated!