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    Count number of Green KPI for specific Metric

    Abdul Subhan Mohammed

      Hello Fellow Data People,


      I am creating a scorecard, where the the hierarchy is as follows:


      Division -Agency 1 -Ticket 1 100

                                     -Ticket 2 25

                                     -Ticket 3 25





      here the average of the ticket value is the value of the agency 1(green, yellow or red) in the division. Similar is the case for agency 2, agency 3 etc.


      There are 3 KPIs, Green, Yellow and Red and it is being measured on weekly basis.


      Now I have to count the number of greens/week in all of the 3 agencies (agency 1- Green, agency 2- Green, agency 3- yellow) and perform the calculation:


      Number of greens / total number of agencies, i.e as per above example 2/3 = 0.75 (75%)


      But i am not able to get the value since I am taking the average of tickets, hence I cannot take the aggregation of the value already aggregated.


      Any help would be really helpful.


      I have also attached sample worksheet for reference.


      Please help.