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    Help! Top 5 that can change

    Chrissy Scott

      Hi All,


      Another Top N question: I have a workbook where I want to show the top 5 Cause Codes by the number of tickets. So, tomorrow's top 5 could be different from today's top 5.


      Here's one view:

      On this view I can just filter by Rank or filter by Cause Code using the Top N function in the filter. I feel okay about this view, but I'm just wondering if one method is better than the other. I've had some unexpected results with the Top N filtering but never understood what was happening.


      This view on the other hand...:

      • I want the same Top 5 to show here but have no idea how to apply a filter that would accomplish that
      • Ideally, and this would happen automatically, I'd like the top 5 cause codes to have a blue category, then all of the others would get jumbled together into an 'Other.' That way, this row would add up to 100% (like in the bottom image).




      I could do it in this view because it was created at the end of a fiscal year when the top 5 were determined. I just used a calculated field to say these five else other.


      Hope this makes sense. Any ideas?


      Workbook attached: 10.0.2