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    Filter Problem

    Carlton Lee

      I have 2 filters - School and Year - that I have set to apply to all data. For some reason, they do not apply to 4 dashboards - the first 3 in 'Student Survey' story and the 4th in 'Adult Survey' story. I cannot figure out why! Very frustrating!


      Here's the link:



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Carlton, your workbook has one Dashboard, and two Stories, with multiple Story Points. The two filters you mentioned are set to All worksheet Apply to all using related data sources. Two questions:


               What is and isn't working?

               What are your filtering expectations?


          For clarity please use the terminology in bold. Thanks,

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            Carlton Lee

            My expectation is that the two filters will apply to the freestanding dashboard and all of the story points in the two stories.


            It is not being applied to the first 3 story points of the 'Student Survey' and the 4th story point of the 'Adult Survey', and I can't figure out why...

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              Deepak Rai

              Correct me Shawn Wallwork but I think, Filters don't apply across dashboards in a story.

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                Carlton Lee

                They do. I've done it before. And it is applying to some of the dashboards that make up the story points, but not all of them, which is what I can't understand...

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  [Disclaimer: I rarely use Stories. So I'm not an expert on this.]


                  As best I can figure, you accidentally clicked the Update icon instead of the Revert icon on the four sheets that are not following the filters.


                  To fix this:

                       1. Set the Home dashboard School filter to None

                       2. Go to the misbehaving Story Points and set those School filter to None

                       3. Check to see that all the Story Points in both Stories are showing the None

                       4. Go to the Home dashboard and set the School filter to All

                       5. Confirm that all Story Points in both Stories are showing All


                  It appears to me that by Updating a Story Point you are overriding the Global filter, telling Tableau to lock this Story Point and not let the Global filter affect it. By doing the steps above, you put them back into sync.


                  Let me know if that fixes your issue.

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                    Carlton Lee

                    Thanks Shawn, but does not fix the issue.


                    What's weird is that if I go the sheets themselves, the filter is applied, but not when they are accessed through the story...


                    The only thing I can think of is to rebuild those story points completely...

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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Sorry that didn't help. I'd send this to support, and see what they have to say.


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                        Carlton Lee

                        Ultimately I had to rebuild the dashboards that were not working, which is a hassle, especially since I've found that anytime I change something on a worksheet, that dashboard that it is on seems to fall out of the global filter, even though that filter is still present on that dashboard.

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                          Carlton Lee

                          Still having this filter problem, but figured out that the easiest way to resolve is to rebuild the story rather than dashboards. Add a new blank story point, drag in same dashboard as old storypoint, cut-and-paste storyline from old storypoint, delete old storypoint, repeat for all points.