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    VizAlerts failed to execute properly


      I just saw this issue already was handled in some posts but I read them and it did not help.


      I am getting the error:


      Could not process source viz data from VizAlertsConfig/ScheduledTriggerViews for the following reason:

      Invalid regular expression found. Could not evaluate expression '' in the field allowed_from_address. Raw error:



      What I checked:


      1.) coldelimiter set to ";" after downloading the csv file I saw this is correct



           Default;Vizalert;dejebr1;59;Sheet 1;distance


      2.) config.yaml is pointing to correct site:

      vizalerts.source.viz: 'VizAlertsConfig/ScheduledTriggerViews'     # Viz to pull list of alerts from. Must be of the form 'WorkbookURL/ViewUrl'

      vizalerts.source.site: 'Vizalert'                # Site that the vizalerts.source.viz exists within. Leave as 'Default' if using the default site.



      3.) ScheduledTriggerViews

      default allowed from set to:   vizalerts@*****\.com

      default allowed recipient set to: .*\..*@.*d*****\.com  (tried .*d****\.com   too)


      error from log file:




      any idea?

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          Matt Coles

          This usually means there was a parsing issue with VizAlerts getting the values it needs from the VizAlertsConfig/ScheduledTriggerViews workbook. That can mean that the VizAlertsConfig workbook was altered so that it is now missing one or more columns that the code is expecting.


          I would recommend downloading VizAlerts again (make sure to pick the release that you currently have), grabbing the VizAlertsConfig.twb, changing your parameters again, then publishing it over the current version. That should hopefully fix any issues introduced.