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    Count # of Stores When Calculated Field Value <0 ?

    Christopher Ribeiro

      hi all:


      I'm trying to count how many stores have a '% Change' less than 0% - for my example below, my expected answer is a count of 1.


      I'm expecting to create some form of a COUNT calculated field that takes into consideration the condition that the % Change is <0.


      I have a few columns of data:


      Store Name
      TY Sales
      LY Sales
      % Change - TY/LY


      My end goal would be to have a calculated field that would look like this when added to my shelf:


      Count of Stores with Negative Change


      I'm not really sure where to start - in SAP BusinessObjects it might look something like this - but this is not a valid function in Tableau:


      count([Store Name] WHERE [%Change - TY/LY] < 0)


      I appreciate any insight you guys might have!