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    Barbara Knowles


      I have a user who wants a way to delete multiple users.


      It looks like I could write a python script using the Rest API to automate this process.  I've installed Tableau_Tools and am in the process of writing the code.  I'm just learning python so it's slow going.


      Today I found this link:

      Authentication-Tableau Server REST API

      It says that SAML is not compatible with the Rest API.  Is this correct?  If so, is there a workaround of any kind?


      Also, I'm assuming SAML does work with other APIs like the JavaScript API.  I attended the "Creating a Custom Portal in Less than 60 Minutes" session at last week's TC17.  SAML was mentioned as one of the forms of Single Sign-on.


      Are there other limitations to SAML, as well?


      Please advise.




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          Tom W

          No idea on SAML, but you could also look at using tabcmd to delete users - tabcmd Commands

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            Glen Robinson

            Hi Barbara

            Whether using Tabcmd or REST-API, and if you have SAML configured on your Tableau Server.

            However, it means that when authenticating the user account that is logging in using Tabcmd / REST API, the Tableau server isn't going to authenticate the user details against the IdP (SAML Server), but authenticate against the credentials stored in the Repository. (ie it will check the password held locally in the Repo, and not held by the SAML server)

            Hope that this is clear.


            All the best