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    WDC to Informer Report

    Kevin Gagel

      I'm struggling to build a connect to an informer report. We don't have direct access to our DB or I'd that way. We do however, have access to Informer which has a feature that allows us to run a report through a browser. I have extracted the string I need to use and tested it in a browser. I get the expected data. But when I try to build a connection nothing gets returned and the connector appears to hang. I have to refresh to clear it.


      I'm starting off easy, using a report that simply returns a list of departments in a single column and I'm thinking this is the issue. Does the data have to be returned in the JSON format?

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          Hello Kevin,


          I am not a WDC expert and do not have much experience with the "informer" data source, though I will do my best to provide some general information that might resolve the issue. A good way to investigate the issue with the Tableau Desktop WDC would be to use the Tableau WDC simulator to verify the connector is working as expected, information can be found at the following GitHub page: Web Data Connector Home


          Additionally, I am including a link to the Tableau Desktop product help guide, Web Data Connector. The WDC help guide has a lot of helpful information in understanding and building a WDC.


          I hope this information helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Kevin Gagel

            Hi Patrick,


            I'm actually using the simulator and that has gotten me this far. At first there were errors about not being authorized because it was working through a proxy but we got that sorted out. So far all I can get in the simulator is the field. Once I try to retrieve the data (a list of departments in this test) it returns nothing, no error and never finishes. No indication of what is wrong. That is why I was asking if the data has to be in a JSON format.

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              Kevin Gagel

              The answer to this appears to be yes.