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    LOD calculation with Table calc throwing error

    Kahv Jiv




      I have a scenario where I have to get the total number of distinct customers in a particular bucket selected by user for a particular month-year.

      bucket is defined by adding the running sum of sales for last 10 months  i.e. Running_sum is window_sum(sum(sales),-10,0). and then I take this "running_sum" to define by Bucket.

      i.e. bucket: if [running-sum] < $600, then 'A" elseif [running-sum] >= $600 and  [running-sum] < $1200 then "B" else "C".

      at this moment I cant add LOD calculation to Bucket calculation(so that it puts a customer into certain bucket) as it throws error LOD calculation doesn't work with Table calc.



      How do i implement this logic so I get distinct count of customers for particular bucket selected..?