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    D3 + Tableau Server Integration with Web Files not Hosted on Tableau Server (SSL Certificate Issue)


      I am on a small team within a larger company. My team has a server where we host a website for internal purposes only. A self-signed certificate is bound to the website to allow for an https connection. The larger company has Tableau Server (10.X) where we can publish and control workbooks. However, we do not have access to the webdataconnector folder. We want to integrate D3 and Tableau Server, and we think we can host the necessary HTML file on our server. We are running into the (predictable) issue of the web content in the Tableau workbook being blocked because "it was not signed by a valid security certificate".


      Is there any way to have Tableau Server view a self-signed certificate as valid without having access to Tableau Server Admin? I'm assuming the answer is...no. Barring that, how should we approach this challenge? Is it possible to buy a certificate from a trusted certificate authority when the site is internal only?


      I greatly appreciate any help you all might have!