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    LOD / Calculated Field Help

    Kim Wee



      I have a table similar to below:


      US DomesticOnline61
      US DomesticOnline6.51
      US DomesticOffline101
      US DomesticOffline111
      US DomesticOffline101
      UK DomesticOnline61
      UK DomesticOnline6.751
      UK DomesticOffline111
      UK DomesticOffline101
      UK DomesticOffline121


      I'm trying to create a couple of calculations but couldn't figure out what is the best option. I know I can put them into table and do table cal but I'm trying to avoid that.


      1) The different between online and offline amount for US Domestic (average online - average offline)

      2) The online % for US Domestic


      Can anyone help? I think LOD might be able to solve it but not very family with it.