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    Instagram web data connector

    Giorgio Mondonico

      Hi there!


      I'm trying to get insights from Instagram and I am using the following web connector: Instagram Connector


      It's work fine, but does not have video views as a metric. I'm not a developer, so I've no idea if it is simple to add this metrics in the connector. Anyone can help me on this?


      Thanks a lot,



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde



          You might ask the author of the connector - illonage (Geraldine Zanolli) · GitHub  - 


          Also I am going to move this thread to Web Data Connector section of the forums.



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            Giorgio Mondonico

            Thanks Patrick,


            I will!



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              Thomas Spicer

              Instagram and Tableau make a great pairing. Actually wrote a 2 part series on using Tableau with Instagram data:




              If you want to pull different Instagram data points into Tableau, you can leverage this connector. It is a little more advanced in terms of the depth of data and it is free:





              Here are a few pieces of data that it provides:

              1. User allows you to retrieve basic information about users, see their media and newsfeed as well as the most recent media they liked. Whether you are managing one or multiple accounts, user data provides you with an overview of any account. You could use it to your advantage by simply spying on your competitors.
              2. With relationships endpoints you can access the follower lists (follower and following), lists of users who have requested to follow, get information about a relationship to another user, and modify the relationship with the target user. Follower data helps you keep track of your audience growth which remains a key indicator that your business is doing well on the Instagram platform.
              3. Media allows you to retrieve information related to the post (photo or video) including when and where the media was posted. You can also search for recent media in a given area
              4. With comments endpoints you can get a list of comments that were received recently and create or remove comments (authentication is required).
              5. Likes allow you to view a list of users who have liked particular posts and set or remove a like (authentication is required)
              6. Based on information about your media, you can find the top-performing images on your platform. For example, you can calculate engagement by dividing the number of likes and comments by your follower or media count.
              7. Tags allow you to retrieve information about a tagged object, get a list of tagged posts, and search for tags by name. With tags you can find out whether people are talking about your brand or not. Searching for industry-related tags will help you identify what people like to talk about and which hashtags will help you increase visibility.


              Here are the data definitions:Instagram Table Layouts - Google Sheets


              The primary requirement is that you need a database like Redshift, BigQuery or Amazon Athena to store the data.  Bigquery is just about free and Athena will cost you a few dollars a month.


              If you need help getting it setup, reach out to hello at openbridge.com

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                AYE WOLLAM


                Were you able to find the answer? I am interested in getting video view counts as a metric as well. Thanks!

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                  Thomas Spicer

                  We do offer a free Instagram integration where we collect video metrics. We deliver the data to BigQuery, Amazon Athena or Redshift which you can easily connect Tableau to.  BigQuery has a free tier too, so there would be no cost for that option.