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    Help with change from filtered month

    Daniel Strom

      Hi folks,


      I'v really got stuck on this one. I'v got some costumers who subscribes to 'whatever' for x months. And then subcribes for something else for x months.

      Now i need to filter on a end-month  of subscription and still know witch subscriptions starts the following month. In other words, i need to count the change but still filter on the end-month.


      The table i'v got look something like this:



      And i need a result something like this:



      I have been trying LOD's like crazy but MAX/MIN start/end-date doesn't really apply since the filtered month could be any month (and in my real data i'v got every month the last 10 year and some 150 000 costumers doing changes at least once a year).

      And i don't see another aggregate that could work.


      Maybe i should use a parameter to control chosen end-date instead of filtering?


      Anyhow my head i spinning from this knowing there is a solution but i just can't find it right now. Hoping for some push i the right direction from someone here


      Thx in advance