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    Process responsible for synchronizing active directory

    Sunil Tikar

      This should be a quick and easy one - I just wanted to confirm which tableau server process responsible for working on active directory synchronization(both on schedule basic or manual sync).


      I was assuming its a piece of work which is done by backgrounder process(backgrounder.exe) however when I am seeing admin view " background tasks for non extract" and then filtered on tasks filter with values as


      1.Sync Active directory group

      2. Queue active directory group sync 

      I am seeing few of the active directory group sync happened on the machine where backgrounder. process not even configured.So I am kind of confused.



      Below is my server configuration ( it shows machine 343 doesn't have backgrounder process configured )


      Server configuration.jpg


      And below screenshot says ,AD sync happening on machine machine 343


      Backgrounder tasks.jpg



      what does it mean ? AD sync is not limited to backgrounder.exe? If yes then which process is responsible for working on this task.


      Please assist.