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    Data integrity and vendors

    William Freeland

      Hey all,


      My department is going down this path of rolling out Tableau, creating a giant Data Warehouse, and being overall awesome with data and we're coming across situations where a vendor that supplies us WITH that data sometimes falls short and doesn't give us a daily file that we've grown to expect. Has anyone else had situations like this and had success in getting them to implement a checks and balances system to make sure feeds get sent?


      Does my inquiry make sense? We're a smaller bank so a lot of our services are outsourced and it FEELS like our vendors care less about the data stream than we do. Any input here, including "it's the nature of the beast, suck it up and keep working with what you have", is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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          Tom W

          I'd speak internally about their legal obligations. Are they legally required to provide you with this file? If so, what's the penalty for them not providing it? If no such requirement or penalty exists, you're going to be relying on their goodwill to implement such a system.


          Personally I'd prefer to implement a process which checks for the files existence no later than a certain time every morning and if it's not received, it automatically emails someone at your company and their company to let them know it hasn't been received and it will be reprocessed in an hour. Check again in an hour, repeat for a couple of attempts until there's no point processing it for that day and ease off.

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            William Freeland

            I don't know why I never thought of building a file check process with our own internal notifications. WOW.... This is why this community exists. Thanks for the input Tom!