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    Stacked Readout

    Forest Dennis

      I am working on a dashboard that will create a report for each of several Directors. It will be a readout for each month and I will be able to drill down 3 levels deep depending on whether they have missed SLO or not. In need to have the measures in rows rather than columns for visual purposes


      I have created a workbook using Superstore. Currently, I have to create a separate worksheet for each Director and bring each worksheet into a dashboard. The problem with this is that is is very cumbersome. There will be months a Director has nothing to report and the frame will be empty leaving a gap in the report. What I want to see is 'To This'. Using the attached workbook, is there a way to create a dashboard where there is a break for each customer? As in this example, a Director will generally have unique metrics to report. If I move the labels to the left ('Not This') you wind up with lots of null cells and very difficult to read.


      Is there a way to create this without having to create a worksheet for each one?

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          Hello Forest,


          The ability to make the precise view that was demonstrated in the Tableau Desktop packaged workbook is not currently available in the product. Creating a Tableau Community Idea will allow you to share the idea with other people that can also show their support for the feature request.




          For currently available formatting capabilities I would review the following Tableau Desktop product help guide: Format Your Work


          I hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Forest,


            A simple rule: you can't build a one size fits all dashboard, and have unique metrics for each director at the same time. My recommendation is to pick either option, and build that.


            Over time you could potentially build both products, an overarching dashboard that satisfies universal metrics, and individual dashboards that are configured to bespoke metrics for individual directors, but I'd concentrate on only one of them during phase 1.