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    Tableau Aggrigation of Groups over Fixed Level of Detail

    Emily Alden

      For some reason when I try to group a field created by a fixed level of detail groups containing more then one item disappear from the view.


      The basic set up is that there are 'unique event IDs' which are RCIPID which have one or two dates associated with them (some events have two separate dates that are non-linear). There is a 'follow up' date which is tied only to the event location and not the RCIPID, but each RCIPID has only one location.


      I've joined the 'follow up' data to the main file based on the location. The below computations [NTC Submission Date] is the date of the event. [Live Date] is the date of the followup. The computations correctly give the number of days after the event that the follow up happened.


      However when I try to do a unique count of NTC Date (Or RCIPID) and then group the computations any group with more then one day disappears.

       FP - Straight Diff 
           DATEDIFF('day', [NTC Submission Date], [Livedate]) 

      FP - Remove Negatives
           IF [FP - Straight Diff]<0 Then
                DateDiff('day',[NTC Submission Date],TODAY())
                [FP - Straight Diff]

      FP - Days after NTC
           {FIXED [Rcip Id], [NTC Submission Date]: MIN([FP - Remove Negatives])}

      It works when it is not grouped together

      Works when not grouped

      But as soon as I group it all of the groups with more then one day disappear.

      enter image description here

      Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I think it has /something/ to do with being a dimension, but I honestly don't know what.