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    All using similar datasets, what are we doing with them?

    Andrew Allen

      Hi all,


      The User Group on Friday brought us crashing in to the World of Tableau and we're about to embark on the journey away from Excel and Sharepoint to Tableau! Whilst we learn ourselves, I'm also conscious that the NHS is not very good at collaboration and I think a lot of us will all be using similar datasets in a lot of instances. Is there any appetite for sharing some reports with dummy data for the more standard datasets that we are using?

      From a selfish aspect, this would help us learn Tableau and some great ways to use it, but it would undoubtedly help others too? We'd be really keen to understand/see how others are using Tableau for SUS, ACM and prescribing datasets, how you're cutting the data, presenting it, using it to spot outliers/trends etc but probably quite common usage within Providers also?


      Thoughts welcome and I'm sure once we are up and running, we can likewise share!