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    Secondary data source filter throwing errors with Level of Detail Expressions with Netezza

    Paul Murray

      I have a workbook that is connected to two data sources. These data sources are at different granularity. For example, one source has full company, division, and product category and the other has full company, division, product category, sub-category, and product. I have applied filters to all worksheets wherever anything is common. This was working flawlessly when I was using excel sheets as my data sources. I attempted to replace the data sources with live connections to netezza database tables and some of my fields which use level of detail expressions were throwing errors stating "Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation". If I remove the filters originating from the secondary data source, the errors go away. I would like to be able to keep these filters. The idea is that if anyone filters something in one worksheet, it will be reflected in all of the others. I'm not sure why this would work with excel sheets and not with netezza. There is no difference in the structure of the data sources (I was initially using excel extracts of the exact netezza tables I am trying to use now). Any ideas or suggestions?