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    updated customers

    naren Reddy

      Hi Team,


      i have some customers, few of them upgraded from I phone  to i phone 1 and from i phone 1 to i phone 2. see below



      aI PHONE16-10-2017
      bI PHONE 116-10-2017
      cI PHONE16-10-2017
      dI PHONE 216-10-2017
      eI PHONE16-10-2017
      fI PHONE116-10-2017
      aI PHONE 117-10-2017
      bI PHONE 217-10-2017
      cI PHONE17-10-2017
      dI PHONE 217-10-2017
      eI PHONE17-10-2017
      fI PHONE17-10-2017
      aI PHONE 218-10-2017
      bI PHONE 218-10-2017
      cI PHONE 218-10-2017
      dI PHONE 218-10-2017
      eI PHONE18-10-2017
      fI PHONE 218-10-2017

      If i pull data on 18-10-2017


      How to get 1) upgraded from i phone to i phone 1

                         2) from i phone 1 to i phone 2

                         3) from i phone to i phone 2


      Thanks in advance.