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    Accessing user exported data from the server

    Adham Shamkh



      I'm new to Tableau so apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place.




      We have recently acquired Tableau to enhance the vizualisation side of our existing customer data platform / single customer view product. We have Tableau Server and we embed the vizualisations within the product and it is accessed with trusted authentication by those licensed.We have enabled the "edit" function to encourage end users to be able to enhance the existing vizualisations and create new ones for them to gain a greater insight to their data.




      I note that the end user can export the data from a vizualisation as a text file and my question is is there a way of accessing this exported data in the source application (that sits next to Tableau Server on the same network)?




      A user, whilst interrogating his data through the vizualisations makes a discovery and wants to send a campaign to the segment of data they have identified. Currently the data can be downloaded and sent off to the campaign service provider, however the source application is unware of this.




      I can think of 3 ways to do this but from the documenation and forums i'm not sure what is possible?


      1. Instead of (or in addition to) exporting the data through the client/browser with the file ending up on the end user machine - the file is saved onto a server / into a database.

      2. Exporting of data is stored in the Tableau database and the source application / database can access the information from there

      3. The user has to load the data file back into source application (Tableau not required)




      We can achieve what we need via the 3rd option however it is dependant on the user undertaking some additional work (loading the file back to application), a more efficient way would be if the 2 systems could communicate the required information. I suspect the first solution above can't be done so really the question is whether we can access the data via Tableau server's underlying database?


      Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

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          Jeffrey Line



          I believe option 1 could be doable with some tweaking


          1. Have the user filter the visualization to get the data they need.

          2. The user will download the file into a network shared folder directory.

          3. Build a process where the other application sweeps this directory to load the data into its application.


          Also, have you looked into the Javascript API. API Reference Perhaps you could utilize this to havea button that calls the JavaScript API to download the data and then save it off to the location it is needed. Thus taking the manually saving out of the hands of the end user.