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    Methods for Syncing On-Premise with Tableau Online

    Bryce Yates

      Hello everyone, 


      I'm trying to sync up data from an on-premise SQL server data source with Tableau Online.  I'd expected to do this with the Tableau Desktop and Bridge client (10.4) installed on a computer locally.  The setup is very simple, a single project, workbook and two data sources (same SQL Server/DB).  After publishing the data and setting up the schedules, everything looked fine.  I'd do a manual refresh using the Tableau Bridge client and have no errors.  The next day there are no failures with the refreshes, but there is also no data updates.  Speaking with Tableau Support today they said the issue is with the two data sources, and that Tableau Bridge doesn't work well / support that.  Tableau Support recommended that I leverage the Tableau Command Line Utility.  When this was suggested, I specifically ask if using the command line utility would initiate a push up to Tableau Online.  I was told this would be the case.


      Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the case, at least when using the command "tabcmd refreshextracts."  This looks to initiate a refresh using the connection information published to Tableau Online which has the private IP address in the connection details.



      1. Should Tableau Bridge be able to sync more than one data source?
      2. Could I schedule a script to publish the data sources as necessary intervals? If so what are the pros/cons of this?
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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Bryce,


          By "two data sources" do you mean two separate data connections? Or a single data source that is a join between two SQL servers? Bridge handles these differently, so that might explain the response from Support. Have you tried publishing the datasources separately from the workbook? You could then schedule them each to refresh on their own, and the workbook would use the published data sources.