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    Vizalerts 1.1 compatibility with Tableau Server 10.4.0 (failures after upgrade)

    Cody Stevens

      Does anyone know of any compatibility issues between Vizalerts version 1.1 and Tableau Server 10.4?


      We just upgraded our Tableau Server to version 10.4.0. After the upgrade we are receiving failure emails anytime our VizAlerts trigger. Failure emails contain the below information (Workbook/View contains actual names in the failure email). Trying to figure out if there is some type of fix or if we'll need to rollback to Tableau Server 10.3 while we work on upgrading our version of VizAlerts.


      Vizalert logs contain the same information as below:

      VizAlerts was unable to process this view due to the following error:
      Alert was triggered, but encountered a failure getting data/image references:
      Unable to render VIZ_IMAGE(/Workbook/View) with error:
      Unable to get vizdata from url