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    creating a template

    Mark Schukas

      I have a number of company wide standards, including:


      • Font
      • Size
      • Center
      • Color Palette
      • Percentage format
      • etc


      And I would like to make a standard template when I start a new twb...




      thank you.

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          Galen Busch

          Hi Mark,


          Not that answer that you're looking for - there is no Tableau desktop config file that you can change a master font.


          Create a new workbook, set your workbook defaults as you prefer, create a sheet and dashboard (just blank, no data) and save as your template.


          There's a great article on custom color palettes.


          Hope I could help.

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            Andrew Lloyd

            I came here to ask a similar question. Every time I create a new dashboard, I have to recreate the header, footer, add company logo, etc. Is there any way to have these always be there when a new dashboard sheet is created? I expect no...


            It's surprising that an enterprise software like this doesn't support company formatting standards, especially having a decent server component.