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    IF Date = xxxx THEN Sum(QTY)


      Our sales years are not calendar years so I write a simple calculated field for example:


      [Sales Year]

      DATE(IF [OSDate] >= Date("2015-08-01") AND [OSDate] <= Date("2016-07-31") THEN '2016'

      ELSEIF [OSDate] >= Date("2016-08-01") AND [OSDate] <= DATE("2017-07-31") THEN '2017'

      ELSEIF [OSDate] >= DATE("2017-08-01") AND [OSDate] <= DATE("2018-07-31")THEN '2018'



      I am easily able to now show the sum of sales for each of those years.  What I want to do is compare the years together and show % of change.  I feel like I've done this in the past, but it's escaping me now.


      Something like (If [Sales Year] = 2016 THEN sum(QTY).  Obviously this won't work, but can someone help me out with my logic.


      I am trying to show on a filled map, change YoY (+/-).


      Thanks in advance!