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    Row grand totals and %

    Prajval T

      Hi Team,


      I can able to add Row grand totals as right most column in the text table. In addition to the row grand totals I have to add % column also next to row grand total like below. And I should not have the % values in the text table for all values. It should be like below.


      I have added the amount and % view to the actual view. But below entire summary data i need to in one view.  I knew that, we can do something like Amount and % can do in other view arrange the both views in singe Dashboard.


      But my requirement is if i export the Dashboard  from Dashboard to excel, it should come as one file with row grand totals, row grand total %'s, column grand totals and the actual values in the text table. it should not split and show.


      Note: I am using 10.3 tableau version.


      can any one please help on this...



      Required design template has been attached..







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          Tushar  More

          Hi Prajval,


          You need to add the Percent of Total quick table calc on the required measures.


          Let me know if this helps.



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            Prajval T

            Hi Tushar,


            Thanks for the reply.


            But that is not my requirement.


            By view should be exactly like how i  mentioned in the attached screen shot.


            If only sum and % then we can do like how mentioned.


            But i need to show amount and volume against years and category. And need to show row grand totals and % to the right side of the table and column grand totals at the bottom end of the table,


            i can able to show Row Grand total and column grand totals adding in the same table. But not able to add % for the row grand totals.


            I hope i am clear. Please refer below screen shot for better understanding.