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    Subtotals for selected field


      I am trying to get subtotals for a certain product type. On my rows, I have:


      Line of Business |      Employee |      Product |            Sold

      ABC                            J. Smith          Apples                4
                                                                 Bananas            10

                                                                 Oranges             3

                                         S.Smith          Blueberries          5
      XYZ                            J. Doe              Bananas            10

                                                                  Oranges             5

                                         S. Doe             Oranges              2

                                         J. Jones            Apples               4



      I have a grand total for all products sold, but how would I get the subtotal for each product type? I tried creating a Calculated Field and then Compute Using, but selecting Product for that didn't seem to work right. I was also able to do subtotals by Line of Business by right clicking the pill, but I need just totals by product. Any ideas? TIA!