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    Count of a calculated field

    Vikash Karra

      Hello - i have a layout where i'm showing a campaign, class, and modules started, modules completed, and a module completion rate (started/completed).

      An example of my output is as follows:


      Campaign     Class    # of classes  Modules Started    Module Completed     Module Completion Rate

      Test               Test1     3                    10                              10                              100.00

      Test               Test2     3                     5                                 1                                   20

      Test               Test3     3                    6                                   6                              100.00


      # of classes is a Fixed Calculation that I create:

      { FIXED YEAR([activity_date]),[campaign_name]:COUNTD([class])}


      What I'd like is to be able to have another column (classes with 100 % completion rate). So basically, a count of classes within each campaign where the completion rate is 100.00

      So I'd like another worksheet that gives me this:



      Campaign      # of classes  # of classes with 100 perc rate

      Test               3                         2


      Any tips on how to do this? Ive been stuck on this for the last few hours! Thanks