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    David Gabra

      Please can you let me know how to do this


      I would like to know how many days late vacations payments are made.



      I have the following


      I just  need a formula that states that were the is vacation pay - take the termination date and minus this from the  last day of the month (in the month column)





      EmpMonthOrderTermination Vacation Pay Calc Field
      aaJan 1February 1, 2017
      aaFeb2February 1, 2017
      aaMarch3February 1, 2017
      aaApril4February 1, 2017
      aaMay5February 1, 2017400Vacation paid late  (ie. May 30th - Feb 1st)
      aaJun 6February 1, 2017
      bbJuly1June 1, 2017
      bbAugust2June 1, 2017300Vacation paid late  (ie. August minus  -June 1st)
      bbSeptember3June 1, 2017



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