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    Applying filters before loading Viz not working for every filter

    Garrett Van Goten

      I'm trying to pass in filters before the viz loads to lessen the load on the server. An example of the options object I'm passing the new Viz looks like this:


      var options = {

        "Associate Name": ["Doe,John"],

        "Business Unit": ["Unit Name"],

        Department: ["Department Name"],

        Organization: ["Sample Org"],

        Specialty: ["Sample Specialty"],

        height: "455px",

        hideTabs: true,

        hideToolbar: true,

        onFirstInteractive: onFirstInteractive(),

        width: "1880px",



      When the Viz loads - it's empty as if all the data is filtered out. If I then use the setFilterAsync() method to remove the Associate Name filter field and then add it back - the data displays as I would expect it to.


      You may have noticed that I'm passing the filters in an array and in the example above - an array of one item. I've tried it with a single string instead to no avail.


      I don't think it's a malformed options object because when I use the exact same object sans the Associate Name property, it filters on load as I would expect.


      Has anyone else had issues with this?