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    Need help finding the average of scores for a given column based on a certain parameter

    Varun Vesuvala

      Hi there,


      I'm (VERY) new to Tableau here, and I need some help trying to understand something.


      I have a data table broken down to records corresponding to a single individual, with multiple columns, two of which are "Small Group" & "Score"


      The "Small Group" column tells me if the individual belongs to a small group or large group (denoted in the data as "Y" for Small Group and "N" for Large Group)


      The "Score" column gives the score the individual has given.

      These "scores" correspond to one of six metrics I'm tracking (meals, accommodation, etc. etc.) 


      Now, I want tableau to calculate the "Average score" for each metric based on whether the viewer wants to see average scores for small or large groups.

      Currently, all I am getting is the "Overall Average Score"


      Now, I have created a parameter for "Small Group", but I do not know how to create the appropriate calculated field formula to give me the results I want .


      Please help