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    Calculation logic when using countd

    Sharad Adhikari

      sHi friends,


      I would like to calculate the distinct total of all Consumer Segment customer as well as distinct total of all Corporate Segment customer.


      Once calculated I would like to add the total.


      After that I wanted to calculate the percentage of Consumer Segment customer against all customers for each states.


      Please find the attached tableau workbook. I am not understanding why I cannot use the calcuation without segment.


      So I want to get a view something like below.


      State      % of Consumer segment customers       Total segment customers





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          Jim Dehner


          I am on a different version of tableau and you would not be able to open the workbook


          There are 3 foruma - see below








          The overall result is this - note the Total is a Tableau function on the Analytics tab



          Place state on rows to gewt the state level





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            Sharad Adhikari

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks. I got the idea. Just to ensure that the second formula with Fixed was for calculating total of all Segment customers right. Should we use other formula so that we can calculate the total without Home Office?


            So the second measure should show total excluding Home office. Is there a way to achieve that?




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              Sharad Adhikari

              Hi Jim,


              I figured it out with if clause,


              IF [Segment]= "Consumer" OR [Segment]= "Corporate"




              { FIXED : COUNTd([Customer Name])}








              I am still wondering why we it is difficult to solve this the overall issue with simple calculation and not using LOD.