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    Could not initialize class com.tableausoftware.extract.Extract

    Alaka Sukumar



      We are using Tableau SDK (10.3.2),  to extract data from our database and publish the .tde file onto Tableau server. The java program that contains this code to extract and publish is bundled into a war file and deployed as a web application on Azure App Service (webapp). Tableau SDK on the other hand is installed on a separate windows machine and we have set the PATH variable locally on the machine to the SDK bin folder. Now when we try to invoke Tableau extract code from the web application server on Azure, it is unable to initialize or find the the dynamic libraries required for the code to execute. This is the error we get : Could not initialize class com.tableausoftware.extract.Extract. We have the required jars bundled with the war, but we still get the initialization error. The same code works okay when deployed locally on the machine where SDK is installed.

      Is there a way to run the code to extract and publish from Azure web application without any dependency on the SDK's dll libraries? Anyway to get this working?