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    Reordering widgets to go 0-n


      I am using Tableau Server 10.3.1, with a data source connecting to a postgres database. If I had desktop access and an Excel version of this data source, I'd fix my issue very quickly. Surely there's a workaround for me? I've attached a twb.


      I have a large dataset where widgets are organized into states and then into an order that is specific to that state. Widgets can appear in multiple states, and the relative order of A vs B is dependent on that state. The states have different numbers of widgets, anywhere from 400 to more than 900.


      The thing is, the order jumps--1001, 1002, 2001, 2003--and I want it to be ordered in a continuous fashion. I want it to start at 1 and then go up to however many widgets there are.


      OrderDesired Orderfixed %age


      I've gotten this far, thanks to help with LOD calcs in a previous question: ([Order]/{Fixed [State]: max([Order])})*{Fixed [State]:countd([Widget])}

      That turns the order into a percentage of the maximum order for that state, and then sets the maximum value as that state's n.


      This has two drawbacks:
      1. My scatterplot still rounds to the nearest whole number, so I have clusters when I want a smooth line of points.


      2. It doesn't start at 1. (0 would also work.) This isn't a dealbreaker, but will end up looking funny when comparing across states that have different ns.


      What do you recommend? Am I even on the right track?


      Thanks so much!