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    LOD Formatting w/ Calculated Field

    Edward Carrillo



      I have 3 weeks of data for people who work 40 hour work weeks. The hours are split into different appropriations and regular or overtime hours. I've turned this data into a table. If a person works less than 40 hours, they should have a yellow downward facing arrow. If they work exactly 40 hours, they should have a green check mark, and if the person works overtime, they should have a red up arrow. I've created a calculated field that I've dropped on color and shape to make this happen. It works perfectly in week 3, because a couple workers worked over time, and the shapes and colors are correct. However, in weeks 1 and 2, no one worked over time, so the shape changes color. I want to keep it consistent through every week, so that in weeks 1 and 2, there are only yellow downward arrows and green check marks, and week 3 contains all three shapes. Thank you for the help! The workbook is attached.