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    Dashboard Export

    Si Hui Tang

      Dear all,


      I would like my legends and filter to not appear in my exported dashboard. How do I do that? The current solution I found was to remove it from the dashboard before I export it. However, is there a way similar to exporting worksheets where I can include it in tableau but not include it in the exported image?

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          Hello Si,


          The ability to format the image for the export process from Tableau Desktop is not currently built into the product. I was able to find a Tableau Community IDEA which I believe captures the desired results for the feature request. https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1118


          Adding your vote to the idea helps show support for the feature. The Tableau Product Management team reviews the Tableau Community Ideas when creating the road map for the next product release.


          I hope this helps!



          Byrne, Partrick

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